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    Bishop Creighton House

    Bishop Creighton House is a community centre that provides numerous services for residents of West London to tackle the problems caused by social isolation and disadvantage. Other services include...

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    Brighter Kensington and Chelsea Scheme

    The Brighter Kensington and Chelsea Scheme, founded in 1953, is a registered charity which exists to ”encourage horticulture in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, in particular...

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    London Dial-a-Ride

    Dial-a Ride is our free door to door Public transport service for elderly and/or disabled people To become a member: You must have a permanent or long-term disability which means you are...

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    Centre for Armenian Information and Advice

    The Centre for Armenian Information and Advice (CAIA) has as its principal focus the welfare and educational needs of over 20,000 Armenians scattered across London, supporting the most...

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    Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy Education

    CCPE is a charitable organisation set up to provide clinical counselling and psychotherapy services for individuals, couples, adolescents and families, for people who specifically require a spiritual...

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    Red Kite Learning

    Charity that equips people with the knowledge and skills to fulfil their potential.

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    Chelsea Festival

    Organisation to promote the arts, culture and history of Chelsea through a 10 day festival.

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    Chelsea Gardens Guild

    A local society aiming to encourage the practice of good gardening in all its aspects. They welcome everyone who is interested in gardens and gardening whether or not they have a garden of their...

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    A Place to Talk

    The Parkside Clinic provides community mental health services to children, young people up the age of 18, with complex mental health difficulties, and their families in a range of different ways...

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    ANA Nursing

    Your home is your castle, your sanctuary, and your familiar space. So they know that when, for whatever reason, you are unable to tend to your own needs as well as you used to, many of you will...

Your search for: '' returned 1777 results