Easy-to-read information about things that matter to you - staying well and healthy, staying mobile, activities near you, looking after a loved one, finances and benefits, if you think you or someone you know is being harmed or neglected ... Read more...
Christmas Carols
13 December : Join the London Saxophone Choir Quartet and the Westminster Music Library Team for an evening of Christmas favourites, sing-along carols and mince pies! Read more...
Staying well and in touch at Christmas
Christmas and New Year can be an exciting time, but it can also be a challenge for some. Recent snow and cold weather can mean decreased mobility, susceptibility to minor ailments, worries about staying warm (and the cost of doing so), and loneliness. Read more...
People who can help
People who can help
Whatever you want to do, concerns you have or support you need, there are a wealth of organisations and charities that can help. Have a look at what's available here. Read more...
For professionals
For Professionals
If you work or provide a service, paid or unpaid, in health and social care, we've got information and guidance about a number of procedures, resources and training initiatives. Read more...
Leaflets Library
Leaflets Library
Not everyone can, or wants, to use the internet. We have a series of leaflets which cover key issues which can be printed out and given to those residents that cannot access the internet. Read more...
Other useful websites
We cover a lot of information on People First but there are also other useful websites that can help you make informed choices about your health and well-being. Take a look at Ask Sara for instance .. Read more...


January 11, 2017

Forecast heavy snow and cold weather

Heavy snowfall and strong winds are potentially going to hit London on Thursday (12th), with the cold weather extending into the weekend according to Met Office forecasts, so we have some tips to help beat the colder weather, and to ensure that those around you are safe and well.

January 09, 2017

National Obesity Awareness Week

15 to 19 January is JanUary 2017: intended to raise awareness of obesity and the positive steps the public can take to live a healthier lifestyle. Join in with a 'National New Year's Resolution' and pledge to make a small lifestyle change such as exercising more regularly or cooking from scratch more often.

January 06, 2017

H&F Stroke and carers groups 2017

The family and carer support coordinator is offering support groups throughout 2017 with the aim to provide the opportunity for Stroke Survivors and carers to meet in an informal atmosphere to share ideas, swap information, enjoy each others company and support each other.

December 29, 2016

Join the millions and go dry this January!

Dry January is a campaign to support and encourage people to clear out the Christmas excesses by abstaining from booze for 31 days. Now about to celebrate it's fifth year of helping people cut down their drinking for January. 2017 is looking to be even bigger, so join in and reap the rewards!

How healthy am I? Take the official One You test

Just one in ten middle aged adults are living healthy lifestyles, new research by the government has found. The study by Public Health England (PHE) found 83 percent of 40 to 60 year-olds are either drinking too much, are inactive or are overweight. And PHE is encouraging people to take their interactive online quiz to see how their health compares - with people given a rating out of ten and advice on how they can be healthier.

December 20, 2016

UK cancer death rates to fall by 15% by 2035 due to advances in research

Death rates from cancer in the UK will fall by 15% by 2035 thanks to advances in research, diagnosis and treatment, with more Britons living longer after their diagnosis, the charity Cancer Research UK predicts.

December 14, 2016

Safer alcohol tips for Christmas and New Year

People drink more alcohol in December than in any other month and we know that drinking heavily can lower inhibitions and influence the decisions you make. It's possible to enjoy the festive season without putting your health at risk if you follow The Alcohol Service's safer partying advice

December 13, 2016

Happiness depends on health and friends, not money

Landmark research says tackling mental health issues more effective than reducing poverty for increasing happiness rates.

December 08, 2016

Keep on working into old age for the good of your health

Older people should consider working until their 70s for the good of their health, the chief medical officer will pronounce today in new advice to today's baby boomers. Prof Dame Sally Davies will tell those aged 50 to 70 that they are better off staying in work, or else taking up new hobbies to keep physically and mentally active in retirement.

December 07, 2016

Keep warm and well this winter

As temperatures drop and heating costs rise some residents will face a difficult balancing act of keeping warm and healthy while keeping their fuel bills under control. Healthier Homes aims to help residents who struggle to heat their homes adequately during winter months and run the risk of cold related ill health.

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