Easy-to-read information about things that matter to you - staying well and healthy, staying mobile, activities near you, looking after a loved one, finances and benefits, if you think you or someone you know is being harmed or neglected ... Read more...
Age UK Kensington & Chelsea Health Fair
Kensington Town Hall, Friday 20th October, 12-4pm : Find out more about all aspects of good health, enjoy a free lunch, try out new activities, experience therapies and meet up with friends old and new. The event is free and there is no need to book. Read more...
Free flu vaccination information
The flu jab is free on the NHS for everyone aged 65 and over, or have a long-term health condition, and is available from your GP. You can also get a free flu vaccination if you are the main carer of an older or disabled person. Some pharmacies also offer flu vaccines. Read more...
People who can help
People who can help
Whatever you want to do, concerns you have or support you need, there are a wealth of organisations and charities that can help. Have a look at what's available here. Read more...
For professionals
For Professionals
If you work or provide a service, paid or unpaid, in health and social care, we've got information and guidance about a number of procedures, resources and training initiatives. Read more...
Leaflets Library
Leaflets Library
Not everyone can, or wants, to use the internet. We have a series of leaflets which cover key issues which can be printed out and given to those residents that cannot access the internet. Read more...
Other useful websites
We cover a lot of information on People First but there are also other useful websites that can help you make informed choices about your health and well-being. Take a look at Ask Sara for instance .. Read more...


June 16, 2017

Grenfell Tower Fire

Find out the latest updates on the tragic fire at Grenfell Tower.

June 12, 2017

It's Diabetes Week

Just about everyone has heard about diabetes. And with 3.5 million people diagnosed in the UK and a further 549,000 who have the condition but don't yet know it, most of us know a friend or family member living with diabetes

June 07, 2017

Free health coaching for carers by the NHS

Are you a carer for a family member or friend? NHS North West London are offering two days of free coaching for carers which will help you to develop better knowledge, confidence and skills to navigate the health system.

Building Better Opportunities: Women at the Centre

'Women at the Centre' is an employability programme aimed at women in Westminster from BAME communities (particularly Bangladeshi, Pakistani, Middle Eastern, Black African and Chinese) who are currently economically inactive or unemployed, and who would benefit from help to access appropriate training, volunteering, progressing into paid work.

June 06, 2017

Carers Network Launches Former Carers Project

Carers Network announces the launch of the Former Carers Project : a project to support people whose caring role has come to an end. It is set up specifically to provide advice, guidance and support to former unpaid carers as they explore the viable options available to them after their caring role has ended

May 30, 2017

Employment Project for people aged 25+ on the autistic spectrum

CareTrade Charitable Trust is launching an employment project for people aged 25 years or over, who are on the autistic spectrum and who have been unemployed for 6 months or longer. Closing date for applications is 9th June and limited to 24 places.

May 26, 2017

AskSARA - a new guided, self-help tool for residents

AskSARA is a quick and easy-to-use online guided advice service, and is now available on the People First website. This 'self-assessment' tool helps residents find solutions to issues they may have with daily activities in their own home.

A new look Home Page for People First

People First will be getting a great new Home Page on Wednesday 31st May.

May 25, 2017

Substance Misuse/Alcohol Misuse Training

The Alcohol Service and Drug and Alcohol Wellbeing Service (DAWS) have put together a training package in response to the training needs analysis of professionals within the three boroughs.

May 22, 2017

Regular exercise reduces the appetite for fatty foods, new research suggests.

The British trial found that high levels of activity acted as a 'buffer' - fending off cravings for unhealthy fare. Scientists said the findings suggest that those who got a 'high' from exercise were less likely to feel tempted by junk food.

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