World Mental Health Day

Find your Road to Wellbeing

This World Mental Health Day, find out how you can look after your mental wellbeing with the 'Roads to Wellbeing'.

'The Roads to Wellbeing', this year's Annual Report from the Director of Public Health, highlighting the health needs of local residents and how these can be improved, this year explores how you can maintain and improve your mental wellbeing.

Good mental wellbeing or 'feeling good' is crucial to us all. It ensures we're able to lead happy and healthy lives. Not only does it improve our physical and mental health, help us recover from illness and live longer, good mental wellbeing also helps us to cope with and engage in society. 

We can all be affected by poor mental wellbeing at any point in our lives. Whether due to a relationship breakdown, money worries, unemployment or the impact of being bullied at a young age, we can all have poor mental wellbeing or 'feel low'. It's for this reason that we all have a role to play in making sure we look after our mental wellbeing.

What can we all do?

This year's report tells you how you can get on the 'Road to Wellbeing' by taking part in 5 simple activities. Are you interested in learning a new language? Is yoga for you? Or would you like to connect with other people in your area? Whether you can spare a few minutes, an hour or longer, find your 5 Ways to Wellbeing with the 'Roads to Wellbeing'. Give it try and you may feel happier, more positive and able to get the most from life. 

More information

We have a lot of information on People First about mental health issues which has been co-written with professionals, including 10 keys to a happier life, Depression, Eating Disorders, Support and help, as well as the section on dementia and memory loss.

News articles

Local support and help

To find out about local services and support, click one of the links below to take you to your local MIND, depending on the borough you live in:

And you can find out more about World Mental Health Day and mental health issues in general by visiting the Mental Health Foundation website here.