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Body Pump

Date: 21/09/2020

Time: 9:30am to 10:30pm

Cost: Free

Body Pump gives you a total body workout using light weights (such as barbells or homemade equivalents like filled water bottles or bags of sugar) with lots of repetition. Each week the motivational instructor will help you burn calories, increase core strength, tone your body and improve bone health, all whilst exercising to fast paced music.

Delivered in partnership with RBKC Sports & Leisure, the weekly class is open to everyone and you will find your fitness and strength improves over a number of sessions.

You can access his project for FREE every week by clicking this link HERE from fifteen minutes before the class. If you are asked for the meeting code, please enter 839-4746-3396.

If you would like a reminder about the class sent to your an e-mail an hour before class, then just fill in this form

All online projects operate using Zoom, which can be downloaded for free from


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Further dates for this event

21 September, 2020
28 September, 2020