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Information about physical health


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On this page we have gathered together some information about different physical health problems :


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Click the pictures and links below to find out more information.



Some information about being in pain 




Asthma and breathing problems 



blood pressure

Some leaflets and videos about blood pressure



Some leaflets and videos about cancer




Some videos and leaflets about diabetes





Some leaflets about hearing and hearing loss 




Some information about looking after your eyes, and problems with sight




Some more videos and leaflets about eyes and sight problems





Some videos and leaflets about your heart



Some leaflets and videos about incontinence



Some  leaflets and videos about colds and flu



Some leaflets about osteporosis



Some leaflets about Parkinsons Disease



Some leaflets about stroke


WCCDysphagia swallowing problems

Information about help with swallowing


What is Cervical Screening?

A leaflet about Cervical Screening


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This section of People First uses pictures provided by the Photo Symbols website.