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Education opportunities for people with learning disabilities

Just because someone has a learning disability does not mean that they are not entitled to further their education and develop new skills.

If you have a learning disability many colleges have courses which can help you to develop your life skills and abilities. There are courses to help you move on to further education, to develop your workplace skills and help you to get a job, and to enable you to live more independently.

Following an assessment you may be able to get help from your local council's learning disability team to access education and training in your area.

The organisations below all provide support to people with learning disabilities in taking up education opportunities.

City of Westminster College

City of Westminster College offers a range of well-established courses for young people and adults with learning difficulties and/or disabilities. Some of these courses are linked to community organisations and other agencies, and staff are experienced and skilled at assessing potential students and meeting their needs through individual learning plans.

Learners with Special Educational Needs

The service's Learners with Special Educational Needs program provides a wide selection of courses to cater for the diverse needs of people with learning difficulties and disabilities in the borough. Their provision aims to support learners into work, supported employment and/or to have an active life in the community.

The Camden Society

The Camden Society can offer vocational training in catering and other areas for people with learnings disabilities and physical disabilities in London, and as well as various other training and education opportunities.

Westminster Kingsway College

Westminster Kingsway College offers a wide range of courses for people with learning disabilities and difficulties, including those with severe and complex needs.