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Service details

Alzheimer's Society Dementia Advisor

Not Specified per hour from Alzheimer's Society

The dementia adviser service is primarily for people with dementia in Hammersmith & Fulham, as well as their supporters and carers. It provides them with a named contact throughout their journey with dementia.

The main aims of the service are:

  • Provision of a quality information and signposting service which is tailored to individual need. This will be supported by the Society’s constantly evolving national and local information base.
  • Focus on the individual – empowering them to access the information they need, promoting independence, self-help, well being, choice and control.
  • Collaboration with other health and care professionals and active development of these partnerships to maximise the outcome for the person with dementia.
  • Accessibility – seeking out those affected by dementia that we have traditionally found it hard to reach.

Referrals to the service may come from GPs, CMHTs or other health and social care professionals, or self-referral.