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Service details

SHANTI Services

From: £0.00 To: £0.00 per hour from The Asian Health Agency

Serving older people, people with disabilities and substantial health conditions & their carersImproving choices, independent living, health & wellness

SHANTI Services
SHANTI provides a range of individually tailored and culturally appropriate services including:

Day Care
for older people, people with disabilities & those with substantial health needs & debilitating conditions
Available daily between 10am – 5.00pm
Respite Care services (including for carers)

Luncheon Service
Vegetarian and non-vegetarian (including halal) meals available daily between 12.00 noon to 2pm. Take away service also available.

Health education & health promotion activity

  • weekly Yoga class open to all
  • weekly Yoga class for women only
  • Talks and practical sessions to raise awareness of key health conditions. For example, coronary heart diseases, cancer, diabetes, hypertension and stress.

FREE transport provided to all care-managed users.
Regular trips/visits to places of interest, cinema, places of worship etc.

Drop in/Free internet access daily
SHANTI will support you with assessments & help you with accessing your rights/entitlements to direct payments or personal budgets.

How can I access Shanti’s services?
You can now access our services through:

  • Referral from Social Services
  • Referrals from local service providers e.g. GPs, health professionals, sheltered housing schemes, community groups etc
  • Self Referral - using your entitlements to direct payments or personal budgets

SHANTI accepts referrals from London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham and neighbouring boroughs.

We will help and support you through assessments to enable you to take up and include our services as part of your care support package including entitlements to direct payments or personal budgets which give you the right to ask for your own budget, choose and control your own services.

SHANTI staff speak a number of languages