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Community Independence Service (CIS)

The Community Independence Service (CIS) is a mix of staff from both the local council and the local health service. Depending on your situation, you may receive support from Nurses, Social workers, Occupational therapists, Physiotherapists,  Health and social care assistants, support workers and care workers. 

Your local Community Independence Service (CIS) team aims to get you back to doing day-to-day things for yourself, and being as independent as possible.

They can also quickly arrange nursing and other medical support which may prevent you from later needing to go to hospital.

The team aims:

  • to support you on discharge from hospital to settle back into your home, and to regain your ability to do things for yourself.
  • to support you after an accident or illness to regain your ability to do things for yourself.
  • to avoid admissions to hospital when possible.
  • to maximise your independence and reduce the need for you to rely on others for support.

The key point about the team is that they will aim not to do tasks for you, but to help you to get back to doing the tasks for yourself.

For more information on how the Community Independence Service (CIS) can help you regain your independance, click here.

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