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Heatwave advice June

Heatwave advice June

As temperatures are set to be high from this week, after such a dreary Spring,  it’s important you act to protect your health in the heat.

The trend throughout June will be drier and sunnier conditions, with temperatures topping 20C every single day between June 15 and July 1

Follow these essential tips to keep cool and safe:

PHE Beat The Heat

  • Stay tuned to the weather forecast on the TV or radio, and look at the Met Office London Weather Forecast
  • Drink lots of cool drinks
  • Stay in the shade whenever possible, and try to keep out of the sun between 11am and 3pm
  • Apply sunscreen of at least SPF15 with UVA protection
  • Wear UV sunglasses
  • Wear light, loose-fitting cotton clothes, a hat and light scarf
  • Carry water with you if travelling on public transport (it is best to drink 15 minutes before travelling)
  • Look out for others, especially vulnerable groups, although keep to COVID-19 guidance
  • Never leave anyone in a closed, parked vehicle, especially infants, young children or animals

Check on vulnerable family members or neighbours

People who are elderly or who have serious medical conditions, particularly heart or breathing conditions, are more vulnerable to serious ill effects in a heatwave.

You can help by visiting, keeping to safe social distances,  perhaps more frequently, and encouraging them to:

  • Drink water or fruit juice regularly
  • Wear loose cotton clothing
  • Identify the coolest room in the house, so they can go there to keep cool
  • Keep rooms cool by closing curtains
  • Close windows and curtains while the room is cooler than outside and, if it is safe, open windows at night when the air outside is cooler
  • Spend time in the shade and avoid strenuous activity
  • Splash their faces and the backs of their necks with cool water

People with heart problems, breathing difficulties or serious illnesses may find their symptoms become worse in hot weather, so make sure 

  • they keep cool
  • check and keep up your medication 
  • take sensible precautions to prevent sunburn, particularly for children

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