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Direct Payments Finance

The boroughs of Westminster and Kensington and Chelsea are aware that historically, the direct payment offer was not suitable for all individuals as it meant either the individual themselves or a ‘suitable person’, such as a friend or relative acting on their behalf, were responsible for managing the direct payment funds and ongoing quarterly monitoring process.

A few examples of this may be:  

  • An individual wants a direct payment but does not want the added responsibility of managing the funds
  • An individual has the capacity to choose their provider but does not have the capacity to manage the funds
  • An individual does not have the capacity to choose their care and support however their next of kin has made a best interest decision of remaining with a provider, but cannot or does not want to take on the funds management 
  • An individual may have previously mismanaged funds but the council believe it is in the persons best interests to remain with their care provider 

Barrie Bookkeeping Payroll Solutions are offering a managed funds service for £15 a month. This means that the council will set them up as a Direct Payment ‘Nominated Party’ and the funds will be paid directly to them to manage on the individual’s behalf. The service fee will need to be included in the direct payment budget. This service is not just for people employing their own personal assistants, it can be used for people who purchase care from an agency.

With the managed funds service, individuals will have access to an online portal for to view their ‘balance sheet’ with a breakdown of how the funds are being spent and how much is in the account. Barrie Payroll will also contact the council should they have any concerns regarding underspend or attempted overspend to safeguard the individual, as this may prompt a reassessment of needs.

For instance, if a service user has a personal assistant and they want Barrie Payroll to run payroll (usual fee of £15 per month) and manage the funds, it would cost £30 a month. This service will be made available for existing service users, those currently transferring from a ‘council managed account’ and new direct payment users. 

More information, including video’s explaining the application process, can be found at 

Please speak with your social work team if you are interested in this service. 

Last updated: 17/08/2021