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Finding somewhere to live

People who live with a serious health problem can experience difficulty in getting around in their home, and in independently and safely completing everyday tasks. You may be in a situation where you slowly begin to realise that you are having difficulties in your current home, or you may experience serious and sudden health problems which mean that your current home no longer feels suitable.

There are often options available to you that will allow you to make changes to your home, or to how you do things, that will make your home more suitable for your changing needs. Have a look at our section on Staying In Your Home for some ideas,

However sometimes people find that making changes to their home is not enough and that it's necessary to look for somewhere else to live.

And sometimes people also find that they can no longer afford to pay for their current home and need to think about moving on.

The idea of moving, especially if you are struggling with health problems, can be a scary one, but it's important to know that there are options out there for finding a new place to live without having to give up your independence and privacy.

This section of the site gives you an idea of the kinds of accommodation options which might be available to you.

If you want to talk to someone you can also contact your council's local housing department; they can advise you on all aspects of finding accommodation: -

Kensington and Chelsea
Housing Department, Ground Floor Reception - Town Hall, Hornton Street, W8 7NX
Tel:- Housingline: 020 7361 3008

Housing Options Service, 64 Victoria Street, London SW1E 6QP
Tel: 0800 358 3783 (freephone) or +44 207 245 2990

Other information

If you would like to receive independent advice on housing, or on benefits, legal issues, accessing care and support, your rights as a carer, and a range of other issues, then you can contact Citizen Advice Westminster or Citizen Advice Kensington & Chelsea

Planning ahead

Silverlinks offers free, downloadable 'teach yourself' materials about your housing & care options in later life, which will help you to understand what options may be available to you, and include practical activities and checklists for people who want to start thinking ahead.


Last updated: 25/04/2024