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Guidance for Direct Payment Employers and PAs

The outbreak of COVID-19 (also know as Coronavirus) is a current public health issue and as such certain precautions need to be taken for both people who are receiving care and those employed to give care via Direct Payments. 

Shopping Tasks

If you would like some assistance with providing your carer with appropriate identification to support them to complete shopping tasks more efficiently, or if you are having difficulties passing on cash to your carers for your shopping, please contact  

Information and Advice

Citizens Advice Kensington and Chelsea can still provide advice and support.  Please call on 0300 330 1174 between 10am and 12 noon Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday or email 

Vaccinations for Personal Assistants

Vaccination against Coronavirus is strongly recommended for everyone who is eligible but you cannot make your employee(s) get the vaccine as it is classed as a medical treatment which requires consent. If you have any queries on employment advice regarding vaccination, please contact your Employers Liability Insurance.

Advice can also be found at:

Coronavirus Testing

Although rapid, regular testing is now no longer available to everyone in England, Personal Assistants are part of the groups still eligible to get free NHS tests.

You can get your free NHS tests:


The following guidance draws together the most common questions about COVID-19, guidance on how to guard against it and the legal and employment considerations around being a PA or employing a PA at this time.

Mark Bates Ltd guidance 

These FAQs were created from queries and current guidance from the Government.

National guidance;

Fish Insurance

Last updated: 01/04/2022