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2 - Alternatives to Employment

There are several things to consider when becoming an employer. It might be that although
you have chosen an ideal person to become your Personal Assistant but you do not want or
cannot manage all of the responsibilities. Therefore, there are a few alternatives that could

Third Party Employer
This would mean a nominated person can manage the Direct Payment on your behalf and
not only look after the finances, but also become the legal employer. This person would
then be the ‘named employer’ and take on all of the responsibilities of the employer.

Secondment to an agency
Another option when your Personal Assistant has been identified is that your member of
staff signing up with a ‘domiciliary care’ (home care) agency. The agency would then be the
employer and you would not have any responsibilities. The agency could also provide
replacement carers if necessary. Your carer would need to meet the standards for the
agency and you would not be in control of how much money your PA receives as this is set
by the agency. However, included in their fees are training and supervision of your staff.

‘In Between’ providers
There are two organisations who offer a middle-way between direct employment and
employment by an agency. Homecare Direct and Independent Living Alternatives could
become the legal employer of your staff, but you retain the management and supervision of
them. You would set the hourly rate, but they charge an administration fee on top of each
hour. This fee covers all aspects e.g. insurance, Tax, NI, etc. You would need to retain
responsibility of replacing your PA if they are away from work.

Homecare Direct
0845 061 9000

Independent Living Alternatives
020 8906 9265

Last updated: 23/07/2021