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Requesting an assessment - changes under the Care Act

The Care Act 2014  changed the way your local council completed an assessment with a member of the public when deciding whether that person will be eligible for care and support from the council.

What's changed?

Your council's responsibilities for assessments were previously set out in a number of different laws. They tended to focus on what service should be provided, rather than on what the person actually needed or wanted. The Care Act pulled all of the old laws together, and aims to provide a care and support system built around the individual person, and which focuses on what the person wants to achieve.

Before the Care Act each council set its own eligibility criteria based on national guidance. This meant that the amount - and type - of care provided by the council varied depending on where a person lived. The Care Act has changed this.

You can read more in our Requesting an assessment page.

Other information and advice

The Which website offers advice on how social care assessments have changed following the introduction of the Care Act.

Last updated: 28/07/2021