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Information, advice, well-being and prevention in the Care Act

The Care Act recognises that people are happier and have a better quality of life if they are healthy and can stay independent and in control of what they do.

And if they do need help because of health problems or a disability then their experience of receiving care and support will be much more positive if they have choice over how they are supported, and can stay in control of their lives as much as possible.

The Care Act states that local councils must provide or arrange services that help prevent people from developing a need for care and support, or delay people deteriorating to the point where they will need long-term care and support.

And it says that councils must provide information and advice on how people can lead healthier and more active lives, and on what care and support will be available to them should the need arise. 

How can People First help?

We want you to easily find information which will help you to lead independent, active and healthy lives, and take steps which may reduce your future need for care and support. 

Here on People First, we have information which will help you to have greater choice and control over what you do and, if you do need support, over how you are supported.

This information is held in four main sections:

The information pages cover a wide range of issues relating to adult social care and beyond:-

  • Your rights to care and support
  • The types of care and support available
  • Accommodation issues
  • Health
  • The law
  • Money
  • Travel and transport
  • Safety issues, including information on what to do if someone you know is the victim of abuse or neglect
  • Things to do

But throughout these pages we try to ensure that we are offering you information which will help you to lead healthy, active and independent lives. 

For instance, the Taking Care of Yourself section contains specific information on healthier living, and the Staying Safe section offers information on various safety issues. But this kind of information is also spread throughout other areas of the site.

Some examples:- 

The Events calendar contains a range of activities and events in the local area which can enable people to lead more inclusive and stimulating lives, but there is a specific emphasis on activities which encourage a healthier approach to life (a wide range of exercise opportunities for all abilities, art courses, Stop Smoking programmes, gardening sessions etc).

If you know of local activities and events which might be of interest to others then please tell us.

Our People Who Can Help section is a directory of local organisations, services and resources, offering choice to you on how you can meet any support needs, and lead active, stimulating, healthy and independent lives with a reduced need for support from paid care staff.

If you know of a local organisation which has been helpful for you then please let us know so that we can spread the word.

The News section has links to news stories, and in particular seeks to promote stories which help to promote people's health and well-being - for example stories bringing attention to the prevalence of obesity in society, or stories offering recommending actions during extreme weather conditions. 

Tell us what you think

We hope the information we offer will make a positive difference to the way that local people live their lives. But if you think we could do better, or are missing something important, then we want to hear about it - to contact us you can use the Contact Us link at the bottom or each page, or email

Last updated: 28/07/2021