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Staying in your own home

When people live with a serious health problem or disability, or as they get older, it can become difficult for them to get around in their homes, and to independently and safely complete everyday tasks such as washing and dressing, cooking and cleaning, and going out.

There are many things you can do to maintain your independence and safety in your home. You might be surprised at how many people are able to stay in their own homes for most or all of their lives by taking a few measures to ensure their well-being and safety.

This section of the site gives some suggestions about the kind of things you can do to help stay safe in your own home, whether that's using specialist equipment to help keep you safe, making changes to your home to enable you to get about more easily, working with trained staff to improve your independence, or arranging for someone to come into your home to assist you with particular tasks which you find more difficult.

Planning ahead

Silverlinks offers free, downloadable 'teach yourself' materials about your care and housing options in later life, which will help you to understand what options may be available to you, and include practical activities and checklists for people who want to start thinking ahead.

Last updated: 28/05/2021