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Information your council keeps about you

If you request support from your council then they will need to keep certain information about you on their records. 

They do this for a number of reasons:-

  • To make decisions with you about what support you need
  • To make sure your support is safe and effective
  • To work effectively with others who also provide you with support on their behalf
  • To help investigate any worries or complaints you have about your care
  • To keep track of spending on care services
  • To check the quality of care
  • To help with research and planning of new services.

The type of information which they might keep includes:-

  • Details of your medical history
  • Details of what you can do for yourself, and what you may need help with
  • Detaiis of where you live
  • Details of family and friends, particularly if they give any support to you
  • Details about your money, and of any financial problems you may have
  • Details of anyone in your life who may pose a threat to you

But you have rights in relation to all this information. For example:-

  • You can decide whom the council is allowed to contact to get extra information
  • You can ask to see what information the council keeps about you

Your council has produced a leaflet called 'Your Records, Your Rights' telling you more about the information which they may keep about you:-

Information that the Health Service may keep about you

North-West London Healthcare Trust's 'Sharing your information to improve care' leaflet tells you about the information they keep about you, and why: -

Last updated: 28/05/2021