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Community shopping service

Shopping for our daily needs is an essential part of life. As you get older, or if you've got problems with mobility, you may find going to the shops more difficult.

Relying on others to do your shopping for you can be frustrating because they might not always get exactly what you want. But there are services in your area to help you get to the shops, even if you are struggling to walk as well as you used to.

Your local community shopping service will collect you from your home in a minibus, will take you and others to a local supermarket, and provides an escort to ensure that you can get about once you arrive there.

Contact your local community shopping service for more information:-

  • Westway CT provides the Shopper Bus service for residents of Kensington and Chelsea, and Westminster.  The service is free with an annual membership fee of £12
    tel. 020 8964 4928, or email for more information

If you are confident with using your computer, tablet or smartphone to go online, there are a wide range of companies where you can do your online shopping and have the goods delivered to your door.   These deliveries can range from everyday supermarket shopping to furniture or larger items. 

All of the big supermarkets have a home shopping delivery service for groceries and other goods which you can access on-line:-

* These supermarkets have a delivery subscription offer, where for a set subscription fee per month, as long as you order above their minimum order value the delivery would not be an extra charge  (Please check the details of the offer from the individual supermarkets offers as they may have restrictions)

Grocery delivery apps

There has been a recent boom in startups, all promising to deliver groceries to your front door within minutes of ordering. The Lovemoney website has a review of these with breakdown of service, charges and sample pricing*.

* Please be aware that individual grocery item prices may be higher than in your local supermarket and there may also be delivery charges 

In our Travel and Transport section you can find more information on how you might get about and get to the shop if you are experiencing problems with mobility.

Transport for all are a campaigning group for disabled and older transport users.

And if you find that it's not currently realistic for you to go to the shops yourself you may find our following pages useful:

Last updated: 22/01/2024