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Discounted resources

If you have a health problem or disability which affects how you get out and about then it isn't just the difficulty of getting somewhere that can be a problem, but also the cost of getting there. But there plenty of activities that are on offer to people with disabilities and older people at discounted rates.

Cinemas, theatre, concerts, galleries, museums

Cinemas, local theatre shows, art galleries and museums often offer concession prices for entry.

Listings websites such as Time Out will provide details of any discounts which you can take advantage of.

Theme parks

Many theme parks (like Alton TowersLegoland and Thorpe Park) offer concession prices for seniors and free tickets for carers of people with disabilities. Many theme parks will also allow people with disabilities to have a pass that allows them to enter rides from a different entrance to avoid any queues, though the restrictions on these vary across theme parks.

Sports facilities

Your local gym or swimming pool may also offer discounted membership for seniors or people with disabilities. Go to our section on Exercise and sport for information on how to find facilities in your area and see what discounts are available.

Other information and advice


Motobility's The Rough Guide To Accessible Britain has arranged various special offers and discounts for tourist attractions and activities around the country.


Westminster City Save is a membership scheme for Westminster residents. It's free to join and offers you local discounts and savings to help you make the most of your city.

Last updated: 15/05/2024