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Your local library

Libraries are no longer just a place where you can go to borrow books.

Many libraries provide personal computers where you can access the internet, or print off documents. If you are not an expert in using a computer then some libraries offer classes to get you started. And if you have your own mobile device (a phone or tablet) then libraries offer free WiFi access to access the internet whilst you're there.

Some libraries host reading groups where you can meet others and talk about books you have enjoyed, as well as a wide variety of other social events.

Libraries now lend music, DVDs and audiobooks as well as book, have a home delivery service, or you check out an audiobook, an electronic book or magazine on your mobile device, so you can still keep up with your reading.  

And that's just for starters.

Go to your local council's website to find out more about the library services on offer:-

Last updated: 16/07/2021