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Needle exchanges

Sharing or reusing needles can cause serious health problems for drug users. Re-using old or dirty needles can lead to skin and blood infections as they let germs get into the blood or under the skin. Sharing needles carries the risk of cross-infection if the person you are sharing with has a blood-borne illness such as hepatitis or HIV. If you are injecting drugs, it's important to always use your own needles, and never share them with anyone else. However, many drug users find it hard to obtain a supply of clean needles. 

A needle exchange is a service where intravenous drug users (people who inject drugs such as heroin) can get clean needles and syringes, and safely dispose of used needles. Staff at needle exchanges will also be able to give you advice on your drug use, help you get into a rehab programme if you want to, and give you general advice on your health and wellbeing

Most needle exchanges are in pharmacies, and will be staffed by a qualified pharmacist. 

Your local needle exchange

There are needle exchanges offered by the following pharmacies in Westminster - clicking on the highlighted text will link to show their opening times;

  • ABC Drugstore, 196/8 Portobello Road, London W10 5SY
    Telephone 07849 663 548

  • Apex Pharmacy, 73 Golborne Road,London W10 5NP
    Telephone 020 8968 5808 

  • Baywood Chemist, 239 Westbourne Grove, London W10 6HJ 
    Telephone 020 7229 4553

  • Dispensary, 173 Ladbroke Grove,London, W10 6HJ
    Telephone 020 969 1483

  • Pharmacy, 10 North Pole Road, London W10 
    Telephone 020 8969 1465

  • Strickland Pharmacy, 6 The Arcade, South Kensington Tube, London SW7 2NA 
    Telephone 020 7352 6617 

  • Worlds End Pharmacy, 469 Kings Road, London SW10 0LR
    ​Telephone 020 7589 4186

Other information and advice

BOB (Build on Belief)  is a peer-led website for anyone living in Westminster, Kensington and Chelsea, or Hammersmith and Fulham, who is affected by problems with alcohol or substance misuse. It provides a wealth of information and advice, with details of local support groups and services.

Last updated: 12/07/2021