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Assessment and support for people with learning disabilities

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Your local council and health services will have a team of professionals dedicated to providing and arranging support for people with learning disabilities.

This team will be made up of social workers, community nurses, care managers, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, speech and language therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists. All of these people will have different areas of expertise and will work together to ensure that the person with a learning disability gets the support which is best suited to their individual needs.

After someone is referred to the learning disability team one or more of the team will complete an assessment. During the assessment the person's needs will be discussed with them, their family and other carers. If the person is eligible for support then a plan will be agreed with details of the support services which will best suit them. 

The 18+ Learning Disability Pathway  provides information to people with a learning disability and their families/carers on this pathway into the Adult Social Care Learning Disability Service from 18 years onwards. It also provides information on a variety of services people with a learning disability are able to access as well as relevant contact details.


  • Support in learning new skills and becoming more independent
  • Support in taking up education and employment opportunities
  • Support in making important decisions, and ensuring that other people understand what the person with a learning disability wants
  • Emotional support
  • Advice on different types of learning disabilities, and on managing any challenging behaviour which the person with a learning disability might display

What level of support a person needs will need will vary depending on the type and level of their learning disability.

Contact your local learning disability team to find out more about the assessment process and the kind of support on offer:

Westminster Learning Disability Team

The team works with people with learning disabilities aged 18 and over and their family carers to identify where support is needed and how this can be provided in line with an individual’s person-centred plan.

Address: 215 Lisson Grove London, NW8 8LW
Tel: 0207 641 7411

Easy ReadWestminster Learning Disability Team have produced an easy-read leaflet with more information on the support which they provide.

Kensington and Chelsea Learning Disability Social Work Team

(supporting adults with learning disabilities and their carers - this is a joint health and social care team)

Address: 1-9 St Marks Road, London, W11 1RG
Tel: 020 7313 6880 - Main Office
Tel: 020 7313 6843 (Duty Worker)
Tel: 020 7373 2227 (Emergency Out of Hours Duty Service)

Easy ReadKensington and Chelsea's Learning Disability Team have produced an easy-read leaflet with more information on the support which they provide.

Mencap offer independent advice on what to expect as part of the community care assessment process.

Easy ReadThe Easy Health website has gathered together various easy-read leaflets for people with learning disabilities on how to work with health and social care professionals, and on how decisions on support arrangements are made.

About Learning Disabilities provides information on a wide range of issues for people with learning disabilities and their carers.

Check the Map is a website with lots of information on services and resources available across the UK.

The Foundation For People With Learning Disabilities work with people with learning disabilities, their families and the people who support them. 

The National Forum Of People With Learning Disabilities represents people with learning disabilities in talking with the government about how national policies and how best to arrange support.

Last updated: 11/03/2024