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Health support and therapies for people with learning disabilities

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Health support

People with learning disabilities may have particular health problems and some may need extra support to take advantage of important health services. It's obviously important that they have the ability to stay as healthy as possible and benefit from all available health services.

One of the challenges is making sure that someone with a learning disability understands their health, and any health problems which they might have, and that they know what to do to stay as healthy as possible.

Easy Read The Easy Health website has gathered together a range of easy-read leaflets and videos about different health issues which can help people with learning disabilities to learn more about their health.

Mental health support

Everyone experiences challenges to their emotional well-being at some stage in their lives, with one in four people experiencing a problem with mental health in any one year.

Children and adults with learning disabilities and other forms of disabilities are not exempt from this. Between 25 and 40% of people with learning disabilities also suffer from mental health problems.

Depression or anxiety are among the mental health problems that someone with a learning disability may experience. There are a number of different therapies and medications that can help treat mental health problems. You should speak to your GP to find out the best course of action.

Easy Read The Easy Health website have gathered together various easy-read information leaflets and videos about mental health for people with learning disabilities.

Last updated: 09/07/2021