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Please click here for information and advice about the current COVID-19 outbreak and how to get help from your council, as well as other sources of information and support. You can also offer to volunteer.

Community car scheme

The Volunteer Cars (formally known as the Community Car Scheme) is a one-to-one transport provision available to residents of Kensington & Chelsea who can’t access mainstream public transport easily.

Westway Community Transport can find a car with a trained volunteer driver who, for a small charge (see below), can take you where you want to go, such as on a trip to the shops or to see friends. This is the largest and most successful such scheme in London.


To use the scheme you will need to join Westway Community Transport's Services for Individuals for which there is an annual registration fee of £12. You will then only be charged for your journey, which you will be invoiced for and can then pay for by cheque or postal order.

Note that the £12 registration fee for their Services for individuals also allows you to use Westway Community Transport's other services - the Shopper service and the Mobility Scooters

To register call 020 8964 1114, Monday to Friday - calls are answered between 1p.m. and 4p.m. but at other times please leave a message - messages are checked throughout the working day.


Residents of Westminster will be expected to pay 25% towards the cost of each trip which is currently charged at £1.10 per mile and the remaining (75%) of the cost is subsidised by Westminster Council.  The mileage is calculated by our drivers who will note the start and end mileage of every trip, which we then enter into our bookings system and an invoice will be generated and sent out to you.

Kensington and Chelsea

For people in Kensington and Chelsea charges to travel with the car scheme are as follows:

  • Up to 2 miles £2.20

  • Up to 7 Miles £3.80

  • Up to 12 miles £7.60

  • Up to 20 miles £14.00

  • Over 20 miles, please call us for an estimate

Once registered, you can start booking your. Call 020 8964 1114 - calls are answered between 1p.m. and 4p.m. but at other times please leave a message - messages are checked throughout the working day.

Please give as much notice as possible when making your Community Car Scheme booking; the service is provided by volunteers and Westway CT will do their best to find a volunteer for your journey; however journeys cannot always be guaranteed. 

If you need someone to accompany you Westway CT will try to find a volunteer passenger assistant to help. All volunteers are interviewed, vetted and trained in 'passenger assistance disability awareness' as well as the use of some specialist equipment. You are also welcome to travel with a carer or someone else to assist you. 

You can find more information about the service for your local area:

Transport for all are a campaigning group for disabled and older transport users