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Foot care

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It's important to look after your feet, no matter how mobile you are. Keeping feet healthy means less stress for the rest of your body. Foot problems can lead to other problems like back pain, so it's important to seek medical help from your GP if you have painful feet, or any other foot problems.

For older people this is particularly important, and health specialists recommend a six-monthly 'MOT' health check for your feet from a specialist to spot problems and nip them in the bud. 

The NHS website has a lot of information on foot care and The College of Podiatry produced a handy Top 10 tips for looking after your feet.

Seeing a podiatrist

Podiatrists (also called chiropodists) can help if you have trouble with your feet, or find it difficult to look after them, for example if you cannot bend down to cut your toenails.

The NHS provides a podiatry service. Demand on this service is high so NHS podiatry care is offered to those who need it most.

You can find out more about local NHS podiatry services on the Central London Community Healthcare website. But please bear in mind that, in order to see an NHS podiatrist, you will need to be referred by your GP, a district nurse, a social worker, or another health or social care worker.

If you do not qualify for the service, podiatrists can still give advice to help you look after your own feet.

Complete Feet Healthcare provide low cost foot care and advice in local community clinic in Fulham, or the comfort and privacy of your own home. 

Other private podiatry treatment is also available. Your doctor may be able to supply a list of local podiatrists.

For a list of registered podiatrists see The College of Podiatrists website. 

Diabetes and foot care

Some people with diabetes are at high risk of developing foot ulcers. A foot ulcer is prone to infection, which may become severe. It is important for people with diabetes to look after their feet and to have them checked regularly by a doctor or podiatrist.

The website provide detailed information on Diabetic foot ulcers.

Other information and advice

Easy Read The Easy Health website has gathered together various videos and easy-read leaflets which will help people with learning disabilities to understand more about their feet and foot care.

Last updated: 29/05/2024