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Claiming all your benefits

Every year, more than ten billion pounds in benefits and tax credits goes unclaimed. The benefits system can be complicated, but it is important that you receive all the benefits that you are entitled to. You can use the sources of information and advice listed below to help you to navigate the benefits system and make sure you're not missing out. 

Warning : Scammers are targeting people on benefits by offering to 'help' them apply for interest-free Government loans. But once the scammer has your personal details, they're used to apply for universal credit, and big advanced payments. You could see your existing benefits stopped and be made responsible for repaying hefty amounts.

NEVER give out your personal details when contacted out of the blue - always double check they're legitimate by contacting the DWP or HMRC.

You can check your approximate benefits entitlement using one of the various independent benefits calculators available on-line. These calculators will ask you to fill in details of your income and other information, such as whether or not you are disabled or have children.

You do not have to fill in your name or any personal details and your calculation will be anonymous and confidential:-

If you look after an adult on a regular basis, you may be eligible for a number of benefits in your role as a carer and should go to our separate section on carer benefits


If you receive home care services funded by the council then you can ask you social worker to refer you for a benefits check. Alternatively you can request assistance direct from the Home Care Charging Team on tel (020) 7641 8978.

If you do not receive home care funded by your council then you can get advice and support with benefits applications as follows:

Kensington and Chelsea

People living in Kensington and Chelsea can get advice and support with benefits applications from their local Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB). 

If you receive home care in your home which is being paid for by your council then you will need to complete a financial assessment to see if you will be asked to pay towards the cost of your support. In these circumstances you will automatically be referred to the CAB to ensure that you are receiving all of the benefits to which you are entitled.

Nucleus offer confidential and free legal advice and assistance to people living in Kensington and Chelsea on a variety of issues, including on welfare benefits.


Citizens Advice provides general advice on welfare benefits, housing, debts, immigration and employment. They have an online advice guide.  You can also get advice in person by contacting your local CAB office:

The Money Advice Service provides advice on most benefits issues.

The website has useful information on benefits, how to claim and what you may be entitled to. 

The National Careline website gives useful information about a number of topics including benefits.

If you receive an assessment from your local council's Adult Social Care department and then receive support from them you may be asked to pay towards the cost of your support. However you should also be provided with assistance to ensure that you are receiving your full benefits entitlement. Go to our Requesting an assessment page for details on how to request an assessment and contact your local council.

Last updated: 08/07/2021